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Grand Rapids Marketing Company is a local web developer specializing in SEO strategy, modern web design, and lead gen landing pages.

We don’t do rocket science— IT degree not required to operate. GRMC’s websites are set up simply, so you (or your intern) can make changes, upload new photos, or publish a new page.

We take your cloud to new heights.

Want to see one of our best websites? You’re looking at it. 👀

No-Nonsense Web Design 

Web Design Services

Modern marketing requires modern solutions. Websites filled with rich information, resources, contact options, and shopping opportunities are a critical part of today’s business affairs. 

If your organization doesn’t have a beautiful, functional website— you are missing out on substantial revenue.

That’s where we come in.

Your website is your first impression. The customer service rep. The salesperson. The checkout clerk. 

We build websites to match the structure and workflow of your business, with stunning design.

Your customers will love it almost as much as you do. 

Google, Bing, and others process billions of searches a day. SEO is the integration of your website with those search results.

SEO strategy is a long-term commitment to building a genuinely useful website for people (and robots) to enjoy.

We do SEO strategy, keyword plans, content writing, and backlinking to get your website on the front page of Google. 

It takes one rogue update to break a website. We monitor our managed sites routinely, and ensure security-critical updates are completed without hassle. 

Every website for small businesses needs two things: written content and a voice. 

We’ll write pages, blogs, articles, or even video scripts for your industry to publish online. 

The more content you have, the better visibility you receive.

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Photography for Social Media

Social media is a mighty force in modern marketing. Turn followers into customers, or keep your customers coming back for more with a stunning social media strategy. 

No matter your brand direction, social media is essential in your marketing strategy.

You’ve heard of Instagram, right? Good, we were concerned for a minute. 

Instagram pioneered the “visual” social media— a legacy that remains stronger than ever.

The world connects and engages with your brand on Instagram. 

Proven to be a modern social juggernaut, Facebook is going on two decades of interpersonal connection and business empowerment.

Typically targeting a (comparatively) older audience, video hosted on Facebook produces a valuable opportunity for visual engagement to your audience. Post a photo, or a curated album! 

Strategy is critical for optimizing your reach on Instagram. 

Not only does GRMC create images for your handle, but we also equip your organization with proven social media strategies to increase your organic reach.

New websites

Your brand’s website is the ultimate hub for information and inspiration between your business and your customers.

We’ll make sure it’s a perfect fit between your brand and your customers.

Existing site Expansions

We get it— you love your website, but need a few things done.

We’ll dive into your existing site (no matter the website host or visual builder) to turn the wrenches or start a remodel.

Our Approach to Website lead gen marketing

GRMC makes businesses bolder. badder. Our style is confident, noble, and no-nonsense.

We are using today’s marketing techniques (and nothing a day older) to create, develop, and execute brilliant marketing strategies. We keep a pulse on internet-based trends, algorithm shifts, and how other businesses are succeeding (or failing) in marketing.

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Our team of Local web Developers

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Sam Kiste


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Troy Meekhof


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Frequently Asked Questions

Grand Rapids Marketing Company is a full-service marketing agency serving small & medium sized businesses. We do no-nonsense marketing.

Grand Rapids is our home base, but we’re not afraid to venture out and conquer new frontiers. We’re marketing gurus with a focus on West Michigan, but we don’t let geography hold us back. Our name may be just a moniker, but our impact is anything but ordinary.

GRMC stands for Grand Rapids Marketing Company (That’s us! Hey! 👋 )

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